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Don't let go

“Don’t let go of the ball. Keep hold of it no matter what”.

My daughter’s handball coach was talking to the team as they stood outside the sports hall waiting to play their next match.

Her words were like a wake-up call.

It struck me that it was great advice for life.

How many times do we panic and give the ball or our dreams away rather than holding on to them tightly?

People can panic and give away their dreams to easily. When the going gets tough or you are faced with, or tackled by, adversity some people give their dream away. They let it fall through their fingers rather than holding on tightly, drawing their dreams inward to protect them.

Others might hand their dreams to someone else – a poorly judged pass. They put their trust in the wrong people so struggle to achieve their dreams.

So what should we do?

Don’t let go of your dream.

Keep hold of it no matter what!

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