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Our Social and Environmental Impact


Be Your Best Version is a new business but that isn’t going to stop us from putting people and the planet at the heart of everything we do. We passionately believe that business should be a force for good, so much in fact that is what our business is built on. 

Our brand embraces the acorn and the mighty oak tree.  The acorns we plant today will become the strong roots of a future we can be proud of.

To grow strong roots we are committed to donating 5% of our profits to good causes which help protect the planet and tackle inequality.


We will also dedicate a minimum of four days per year to volunteering our time or services to environmental and community projects. This is our starting point which we hope to increase over the coming years. 

But our efforts don’t stop there. 

There are lots of little things we do that add up to make a big difference.

•    We use an ethical bank
•    Our electricity is supplied by a 100% green energy supplier
•    Our commercial printing uses vegetable-based ink and recycled paper
•    When sourcing items we look for ethical and sustainable options 
•    We strive to be accessible and inclusive to everyone in all that we do.

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