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Speaking Events

Sophie is a passionate and authentic speaker who is dedicated to building a nation of leaders we can be truly proud of. 

Sophie's prism of lived experiences allows her to better connect with, listen to and inspire transformation in leaders who share her passion for nature and desire to be a force for good.


Sophie's speaking topics include:

Sustainability and you 


Sustainability is the thing everyone is talking about right now but what does it mean for businesses and you?


Sophie tells you how to stop putting off the inevitable, embrace change and make sustainable choices that will benefit your life and your business.


Navigating change successfully in the workplace


Many people find change hard, confusing and even distressing when it is forced upon them but it doesn’t have to be this way. Sophie shares her extensive knowledge and experience with leaders to help them support others whilst successfully navigating change much more successfully and equipping them with the tools to become better leaders in the process. 

The Importance of Authentic Leadership


To truly inspire, motivate and unite your team you need to lead authentically, but what does that mean and why is authenticity so important?

Research has shown that a staggering 75% of employees want to experience more authenticity at work and authentic leaders benefit the workplaces and businesses tremendously. 

Sophie shares her wealth of leadership knowledge and experience to help you understand what authentic leadership is, develop the confidence to show up authentically and reap the benefits of authenticity. 


Middle-Aged Orphan


Your world is turned upside down when you lose your surviving parent.  They had been an anchor all of your life and suddenly they are gone, and you are left having to pick up the reins and completely reassess your life. 

Sophie lost her father when she was 27 and her mother 15 years later. She expected the grief but what she didn’t expect was the weight of being the oldest generation in her family, the complete loss of identity and trying to navigate the grief whilst also coping with the emotions of her children growing up and preparing to leave the nest and going self-employed. Sophie shares her experience, insights, tips and tricks to help other middle-aged orphans. 


For further information or to book Sophie to speak at your event please email


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