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Professional Coach Sophie Wragg

Hi, I’m Sophie

Certified Professional Coach

I work with people who aren't realising their full potential and turn them into confident, resilient people ready to take the next step in their career or business.

Whether you want to improve your confidence,improve performance at work or develop your leadership skills, I can help you.

Be Your Best Version

Because Life's too Short to be Anything Else

Be Your Best Version was born out of a desire to help people, teams and businesses to fulfil their full potential.

Everything we do is tailored around you. And don’t worry bespoke doesn’t mean expensive, it just demonstrates our commitment to being the best we can be and more importantly getting you the best results.

Designed for You

I offer a wide range of services and all of them are tailored to you.


None of the packages below follow a rigid structure, they are all tailored to you, your objectives and your aspirations so you get the maximum benefit.

So why waste time with off the shelf training? Get the great knowledge and insights you need to boost your life and be your best version!

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