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Rewild your leadership, redefine your purpose


Hi, I’m Sophie

A Certified Professional Business Coach


Do you feel a deep tension between how you feel you are expected to lead and who you truly are?

Perhaps you care deeply about the world and want to start living and leading with more purpose, more clarity and greater wellbeing, but you aren’t sure where or how to start on that journey.

Be Your Best Version can help you, your business and your leadership.

Be Your
Best Version

Because Life's too Short to be Anything Else


Be Your Best Version was born out of a desire to help people, teams and businesses to fulfil their full potential whilst caring for the planet.

Everything we do is tailored around you. And don’t worry bespoke doesn’t mean expensive, it just demonstrates our commitment to being the best we can be and more importantly getting you the best results.


How it Feels

Working With Be Your Best Version


When people come to work with us, they often have feelings of overwhelm, confusion or anger, which are stopping them from moving forward and achieving their goals. Together we will move you from these negative spaces into positive areas where growth, development and renewal can happen.

Overwhelm to Safety

We provide a judgement-free safe space for our clients to talk and explore their thoughts.


Within this new space of safety we work together to identify triggers and thought patterns that are holding you back and explore coping strategies that you can put in place and carry forward with you.

Confusion to Clarity

By encouraging you to step outside of your issues and see the bigger picture we help you to gain a new perspective on the things that are confusing you.


Mapping out the confusion and the options available to you empowers you with fresh ideas and insights about how to overcome whatever is standing in your way.

Anger to Calm

Anger is a valid feeling but one that can sap your energy and focus and often it can be a result of our own thoughts, perceptions and fears rather than a conscious decision or action taken by someone else.


Together we will gently and safely challenge your anger, exploring where the root of it lies allowing you to understand what triggered your anger and why.

the acorns we plant today will become the strong roots of tomorrow

Designed for you
Business Coaching & Development Packages

I offer a wide range of coaching, development and sustainable business services and all of which can be tailored to you.


All of the workshop packages below can be tailored to you, your objectives and your aspirations so you get the maximum benefit.

Get the great knowledge and insights you need to boost your life, business and be your best version!

Book your free Discovery Call today.

Optimise Performance

Understand the important human elements which boost productivity and performance.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Good communication is the most important skill in the workplace.


Boost Confidence & Self-Esteem

Overcome imposter syndrome, lack of confidence and low self-esteem so you can excel.


Be a Better Leader

Develop your leadership skills to become the leader everyone wants.


Avoid Burnout

Find out how to protect yourself and your team from work-related stress.


Discovery Call

Book a free call to find out how we can help you and your business.


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