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Back to Business

Hit the Ground Running

As workers slowly return to the workplace it brings a number of issues to businesses especially where you have a mix of staff who have worked on site, from home or furloughed.


How do you welcome staff back, ensure they feel safe and comfortable and are ready to hit the ground running?

Happy Office Workers

Happy employees are productive employees, so welcome your staff back to the workplace with our unique Back to Business service. 

A study carried out by the University of Oxford in 2019 evidenced that happy people do a better job. The study proved that not only do happy employees work faster but they also achieve higher sales and use their time more productively. 

Many have found the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown difficult and are anxious about returning to the workplace. Don’t let that negatively affect your business.


Show your staff that they are valued and give them the right support throughout their return.


Happy = Productive

Introducing Our Back to Business Service

To help you overcome these problems we have launched our unique, wrap around service - Back to Business.


The Back to Business service includes:

  • targeted training for leaders,

  • a workshop for returning staff and

  • one-to-one sessions to offer additional support.

This complete approach provides maximum impact, supports staff well-being, optimises staff engagement and reduces disruption to the business. 

Benefits of Our Back to Business Service

Supports entire workforce

Minimises disruption

Boosts staff wellbeing

Delivers maximum impact

Optimises Performance

Tailored to your business

How it Works

Our Back to Business service wraps around your employees providing maximum impact and offering you the best results



Dedicated manager's workshop to understand the psychology of change. We will explore your staff mix and share practical tips, ensuring effective support for your staff

For Staff

Maximise their Return

A 30 minute welcome back session to help your staff respond more positively to change and ways to stay stay mentally healthy whilst maximising their return.


A 45 minute one-to-one session providing targeted support for selected individuals helping them to excel

Successful Woman

Benefit Now and in the Future

Our leadership training will equip your leaders with the knowledge, skills and understanding to effectively manage the return of their teams to the workplace.

By understanding the stages of change and its underlying psychology your leaders will be able to effectively manage workforce change including restructures and redundancies now and in the future.

Change can be very disruptive and costly. Effectively managing the change process keeps staff engaged, overcomes resistance and allows quicker implementation, thereby  boosting productivity and reducing costs. 

Our Back to Business service will benefit your business now and into the future. 

Flexible Approach

Your business specific information can be added to the 30 minute staff presentation to help prepare your employees and let them know what to expect as they return to site.

The number of 1-to-1 sessions offered can also be tailored to meet your needs. Each participant will receive a preparation form ahead of the session allowing them to prepare and make full use of the session. We offer 3 individual 45 minute sessions as a minimum but this can easily be flexed to meet your needs.


To discuss this further, call us on 01623 305520.

Live Training or Pre-Recorded

The sessions for leaders and staff can either be delivered live for maximum engagement or pre-recorded for maximum flexibility. 

You can even choose to have one pre-recorded and the other live - the choice is yours.

We want to optimise your results so call us today to design your Back to Business package.